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Wetrok SintoClean HN - Disinfectant Surface Cleaner (5L)

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SintoClean HN is an aldehyde-free disinfectant cleaner for use in all areas.

Features & Benefits

  • SintoClean HN is an excellent disinfectant cleaner that is effective against Bacteria, Fungal Spores and Viruses (Including Covid-19)
  • SintoClean HN has an alkaline pH with a low-lather and does not carry a fragrance.
  • Important ingredients: Surfactants, Biocide, Solvents
  • Disinfectant cleaner based on quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC)

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • A 2.5% application solution and 5 minutes of contact time are recommended for routine disinfection of surfaces (inactivation of bacteria, yeast fungi and enveloped viruses)
  • Any disinfected surfaces that come in direct contact with food must be rinsed repeatedly with fresh, drinking quality water after the recommended contact time.
  • Treat smooth (non-porous/non-absorbent) materials only
  • Avoid direct contact with foodstuffs
  • Do not decrease contact times and observe specific contact times
  • Disinfect the surface in a single work step, using a pre-wetted or lightly wrung-out mop, applying light pressure. Apply a sufficient amount of disinfectant. The entire surface must be wetted. Observe the contact time. Wear gloves!