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Wetrok Reodor - Deodorising Cleaner for All Surfaces (5L)

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Reodor is an effective daily cleaner for all surfaces, and has a strong long lasting unique fragrance.

Features & Benefits

  • Reodor is a fresh deodorising cleaner for an enhanced sense of cleanliness.
  • Reodor has a high-lather and is pH neutral.
  • Reodor is solvent free, making it suitable for solvent-sensitive surfaces.
  • With the use of Reodor, no separate air freshener is required.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • Reodor can be used for maintenance cleaning of all types of washable surfaces and floor coverings, including sensitive surfaces.
  • Reodor is suitable for daily use in all general areas.
  • Alternating between different deodorising cleaners will increase the facility users awareness of the scent and therefore promote a sense of cleanliness.
  • For damp wiping, spay a microfiber cloth with Reodor until damp. Wipe the surface, using the folded cloth technique.