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Wetrok Porosol - Deep Penetrating Floor Sealer (5L)

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Porosol is a sealer that is suitable for filling pores found in floor surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Porosol allows for floors to be more resistant to dirt penetration by filling the pores found in floor surfaces
  • Porosol is suitable to be used before sealing with Mepol HX, Mepol HM or other polymer sealants
  • Porosol helps make sealants more durable and longer lasting
  • Porosol helps make floors easier to clean and guarantees water vapour diffusion

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • For treating all porous surfaces (natural and artificial stone, asphalt, hard concrete, coarse ceramic, xylolith, linoleum, etc.)
  • Reduces drying times on treated floors, as well as consumption of coating materials on older linoleum floors
  • Consumption: 25 - 50 g/square meter
  • Porosol is a semi-permanent treatment
  • Porosol deepens the floor surface colour permanently (Wet Effect)