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Wetrok Polyspray - Solvent Free and pH Neutral Spray Cleaner (5L)

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Polyspray is a universal cleaner that can be used with a spray and single disc application.

Features & Benefits

  • Polyspray is excellent for maintenance cleaning of floors sealed with Mepol Hx with a single disc machine.
  • Being solvent free and pH neutral, Polyspay can be used without any sealer being effected.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • For spray cleaning of washable floor coverings (PVC, natural and artificial stone, clinker, asphalt, linoleum, natural rubber, etc.)
  • Polyspray does not add any coating to an already sealed floor.
  • Remove any loose dirt by means of dust-binding mopping/dry vacuuming. Spray on a small amount of the cleaner and work it in immediately in a circular motion, using with a single-brush machine and red pad. Reverse or replace pads when dirty or worn out. Polish dry if needed.