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Wetrok Monomatic HS - High Speed Floor Polisher (400rpm)

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For spray cleaning, spray polishing and dry polishing a wide variety of floor coverings, accessories optional.


  • Low profile ensures efficient cleaning under low objects
  • Extended deployment range as the result of increased motor performance
  • Ergonomic operation due to optimum weight distribution and continuously adjustable shaft
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to corrosion-proof materials

Basic configuration

  • Appliance power for suction unit


    • Pad Drive
    Technical Specifications
    Brush speed 400 rpm
    Torque 28.5 Nm
    Working width 430 mm
    Vertical clearance 100 mm
    Mains connection voltage 230 V
    Mains connection frequency 50 Hz
    Cable length 12.5 m
    Transport wheels 160 mm
    Protection class I
    Power 1500 W
    Weight 34 kg
    Height over motor 350 mm
    Noise pressure level 58 dB