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Wetrok Mepol HX - High Solids Floor Sealer (5L)

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Mepol HX is a High-Gloss, Non-Slip Floor Sealer.

Features & Benefits

  • Mepol HX is a very high solids floor sealer that is used within a strip and seal service.
  • Mepol HX is also a protective treatment which is resistant to hand disinfectants.
  • Mepol HX is a Polymer/wax-based sealer with the German DIN 18032 certification, which makes it suitable for non-slip requirements.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • When applied correctly, Mepol HX forms a buffable, water-resistant protective film which is largely resistant to hand disinfectants containing alcohol.
  • Not suitable for water and damp-sensitive floor coverings (e.g. anhydrite), or for outdoor areas and wet zones
  • Treat porous floor coverings with Porosol before use.