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Wetrok Granufloor (25 x 24g Sachets)

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Innovative, solvent-free granulate maintenance cleaner with very good wetting properties. More savings in storage and transport costs plus 100% dosing accuracy.

For maintenance cleaning of washable surfaces and floor coverings (PVC, natural and artificial stone, clinker, asphalt, linoleum, natural rubber, etc.).

Please note:
Not suitable for high-gloss surfaces. When dissolving the cleaning granulate: Do not seal the container/tank (to avoid gas formation).

- Pre-portioned, self-mixing cleaning granulate
- Dissolves very quickly
- pH neutral (in application solution)
- Scented Dyed green
- Non-foaming

pH value of the application solution:

Important ingredients:
Surfactants, fragrances, colouring agent, polycarboxylates