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Wetrok Eco Calcitin - Toilet and Urinal Bowl Cleaner (5L)

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Eco Calcitin is an environmentally friendly acid based restroom bowl cleaner that is effective both for intensive cleaning and daily cleaning.

Features & Benefits

  • For effective removal of mineral build up on acid-resistant surfaces, particularly limescale and urine scale.
  • Eco Calcitin is coloured red which aids identification as a toilet and urinal cleaning product only.
  • Eco Calcitin is lightly scented.
  • Eco Calcitin has a thick consistency which allows it to adhere well to the vertical surfaces of the bowl and increases chemical contact time.
  • Eco Calcitin is highly biodegradable
  • Eco Calcitin is certified as an EU Ecolabel product which guarantees its eco-friendly characteristics.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • Not suitable for acid-sensitive surfaces (marble, enamel on washbasins, bathtubs, etc.)
  • Using the applicator bottle, squirt Eco Calcitin under the lip of the toilet or urinal.
  • Use the toilet brush to distribute the cleaner, allow the product to take effect without letting it dry.
  • Use the toilet brush to remove any heavy soiling (wet scrubbing), then rinse.