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Wetrok Biosan - Sanitary Maintenance Cleaner (1L)

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Biosan is a deodorising and maintenance cleaner for sanitary facilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Biosan can be used in any area, but it is most effective in restrooms to aid in removing bad odours while cleaning.
  • Biosan is pleasantly and lightly scented with a unique fragrance suitable for restrooms.
  • Excellent at removing unpleasant odours through microbiological degradation.
  • Biosan is pH-neutral, making it safe to use on any surfaces.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • For maintenance cleaning of restroom facilities, washable surfaces (heavily used toilet areas, sanitary porcelain, tiled walls, etc.)
  • Removal of urine odours in underpasses, access tunnels and passages
  • Microbiological degradation of malodorous substances