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Tusk Strip - Non-Ammoniated Floor Stripper

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Tusk Strip is a non-ammoniated floor stripping product that is used in the strip and seal procedure.

Features & Benefits

  • It is designed to be used in a strip and seal procedure for effective dissolving of a hardened polymer floor covering (stripping).
  • Tusk Strip is highly concentrated which reduces stripping time.
  • Being ammonia free, Tusk Strip does not give off harmful ammonia fumes. (Ammonia used to be an active ingredient in floor stripper products)

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • Light stripping can be done with a dilution of 0.6% (60 ml to 10L water)
  • Heavy stripping can be done with a dilution of 1.2% (120ml to 10L water)
  • Allow for a minimum of 5 minutes contact time.
  • Collect and remove all the liquid and rinse the area with clean water twice.