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Tusk Brite - 20% Solids Polymer Floor Dressing

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Tusk Brite is a 20% solids polymer floor dressing that is suitable for sealing many different floor types.

Features & Benefits

  • Tusk Brite is a polymer floor dressing with a 20% solids content.
  • Tusk Brite provides a glossy, protective coating on a floor surface.
  • Tusk Brite is available in liquid form and is easy to apply.
  • The 20% solids content means that it is a high solids formula comparing to other low solids products. (The solids content is the amount of material left after the applied product dries)
  • A 20% solids content will provide a strong and resistant floor finish when applied in layers.
  • It is impervious to liquids and will protect the flooring underneath.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • It is used to seal a variety of sealable floors such as vinyl, linoleum, polished concrete flooring and some tiles such as natural stone tiles, terracotta tiles and stone quarry tiles.
  • Tusk Brite should only be used during a strip and seal floor dressing process and not as an additive to other cleaning products.
  • Use undiluted and apply with a sealer applicator tool.
  • Tusk Brite should be applied in layers with sufficient drying time in between application.
  • Tusk Brite should be applied with a minimum of 3 coats in order for the first coats to penetrate into the flooring. More coats are required in higher traffic areas.