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Solvdet Bio-Citrus - Intensive Surface Cleaner with the Power of Citrus

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Solvdet Bio-Citrus is an intensive cleaner that is effective at removing oil, grease and fats from all surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Solvdet Bio-Citrus is an intensive cleaner that removes oil, grease and fat.
  • Solvdet Bio-Citrus has a pH of between 12 & 14 and contains solvents which makes it effective on oily dirt, grime and synthetic dirt.
  • Solvdet Bio-Citrus is very effective at removing heavy dirt deposits on floor surfaces.
  • Solvdet Bio-Citrus emulsifies grease and oil rapidly.
  • Solvdet Bio-Citrus is more environmentally friendly as it contains plant extracts and is fully bio-degradable.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • Above the floor surfaces: Damp wiping with a microfiber cloth and spray bottle application.
  • Above the floor surfaces heavy dirt: Spray bottle application with a hand pad and scrub in a circular motion. (Take care on sensitive surfaces not to use the hand pad)
  • Floor maintenance cleaning: 2% - 4% dilution with mop and bucket usage or spray mopping.
  • Floor intensive cleaning: 5% - 7% dilution with mop and bucket, spray mopping or single disc scrubbing.
  • The area should be well rinsed after using Solvdet Bio Citrus.