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Pulex Ambo Vice-Versa Window Cleaning Tool with Washer and Squeegee

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  • Complete with 25cm (Lambswool Washer Sleeve) and 30cm (Squeegee)
  • For window cleaning, solar and photovoltaic (PV) panel cleaning and many other applications

This combination professional grade tool is special in that the window washer side and the squeegee side can be stored connected to each other, for safe-keeping.

The 2 tools can be easily separated for use either hand-held for low level work, or attached to a window cleaning extension pole for higher access work.

Both the lambswool washer sleeve and the squeegee rubber can be replaced when necessary.

The squeegee blade is adjustable from side to side using the large screw adjuster, so that cleaning around obstructions such as window handles becomes really easy.