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Prochem Dry Slurry S776 Carpet Extraction Detergent Powder

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Prochem Dry Slurry Powder S776 is the leading carpet extraction detergent powder with a solvent boost to quickly cut through dry or greasy soils & leave carpets clean.

  • Ph 9.6 - 9.9
  • Dilution: 10:1 to 10:4 (Diluted for use on non stain-resistant carpets)

Dry Slurry is the industry leader and cleaning benchmark for alkaline extraction rinses. Powerful enough to be used for one-step or two-step hot water extraction cleaning of commercial building and restaurant carpets, yet gentle enough for use on 5th generation stain-resist nylon residential carpets. This economical powder product can be used with truckmounts or portables on most synthetic fibers. Its solvent-boosted formulation quickly cuts through tough, dry or greasy soils, grime and pre-spray residue that other rinses leave behind.


  • A Minimum Residue, Maximum Cleaning carpet extraction detergent powder
  • Powerful cleaner for residential and commercial carpet cleaning
  • Anionic/nonionic formula removes oily and particulate soils
  • Contains water-softening agents for good performance even in hard water
  • Fast-dissolving, completely soluble detergent powder
  • Low foam, plus corrosion inhibitors for use with all truckmount and portable extractors

Commercial carpet: Office buildings, stores, restaurants, car dealers, schools, universities, hospitals, anywhere there is dirty carpet!
Residential carpet: Homes, apartments, townhouses, anywhere your customer wants the best in carpet cleaning!