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Perwash Hi Foam - High Foaming Hand Washing Powder for Laundry

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Perwash Hi-Foam is an effective high foaming washing powder for laundry.

Features & Benefits

  • Perwash Hi-Foam is a free flowing high foaming washing powder for use on laundry.
  • Perwash Hi-Foam is suitable for hand washing and other all-purpose washing, but not suitable for use in washing machines.
  • Perwash Hi-Foam has a pH of between 11 and 12 which makes it effective at removing oily dirt.
  • Perwash Hi-Foam contains an optical brightener to make clothing and fabrics look better.
  • Perwash Hi-Foam is fragranced to leave laundry fresh and deodorised.
  • Perwash Hi-Foam is 100% soluble in water which assists with effective rinsing of clothing and fabrics.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • Use between 100 & 150 grams of washing powder per 5 kg of laundry