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Oven Glo - Oven Cleaner

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Oven Glo is an effective oven cleaner bearing the SABS certification which approves it for use in the food production industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Oven Glo is an effective oven cleaning detergent.
  • Oven Glo has a pH of between 13 and 14 making it a powerful cleaner.
  • Oven Glo can remove heavy dirt build up on oven surfaces with the use of relevant hand pads or brushes.
  • Oven Glo is a strong alkaline cleaner that can effectively lift grease and oil deposits.
  • Oven Glo is registered with the SABS SANS 1828 cerification for use in the food industry

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • Oven Glo is to be mixed with water at a dilution of 15% and can be applied to the surface with a spray bottle.
  • Oven Glo should have at least 5 minutes contact time on the surface and dirt before using hand pads, brushes or removing with a cloth.
  • For heavy dirt deposits, Oven Glo can be re-applied to the surface and a longer time allowed to react before rinsing or wiping.