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Numatic TTB3045NX Scrubber Dryer (Battery)

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Most compact in its class, the 3045NX has a 450mm scrub width, ensuring a compact design for maximum accessibility, with a working area of 1215m²/hr.​

Made for the long haul, the NX300 Battery won’t let you down, engineered and tested for commercial use delivering up to 2500 charge cycles. A 3-year battery warranty provides complete peace of mind for you and your cleaning fleet.​

Standard with:

  • 450mm Scrub Brush (Polyscrub)
  • Splash Skirt Mould
  • Barrel Filter
  • Handle Grip Mould
  • Trigger Mould (Red)
  • 650mm Replacement Squeegee Complete (Incl Blades) (Green)
  • 650mm Replacement Squeegee Blades (Set) (Green)
  • NX300 36V Battery x 2
  • NX300 Dual Charger

Accessories available separately:

  • 400mm Porcupine Pad Drive
  • 450mm Shampoo/Light Scrub Brush (Nyloscrub)


Brush Motor 36V 300W
Vac Motor 36V 210W
Recharge Time 1hr=80%, 2hrs=100%
Run time 70 mins
Working Width 450mm
Capacity 30L
Speed 120rpm
Dimensions 470x915x1100mm
Performance (Practical & Theoretical) 1350sqm/hr & 1800sqm/hr