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Numatic NTD2003-2 Stainless Steel Vacuum Cleaner 60L (Dry)

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Model: NTD2003-2 (DRY)

Standard with:
  • 38mm 2.4m NuFlex Threaded Hose c/w Cuffs
  • 38mm 3pc Aluminium Wand Set (Grey)
  • 38mm 400mm ProFlo Brush Nozzle
  • 38mm Round Dust Brush - Stiff
  • Primary FiltraTex Filter

The combination of Structofoam and stainless steel is a standard very close to our engineering hearts and this is never more obvious than in our classic NTD-2003 Industrial.

Here you have a big capacity machine; a powerful Structofoam, Twinflo two-motor power head, giant shakeable filter system, stainless steel container and heavy-duty transit chassis. Designed to perform well and give good results - year in year out.

The standard accessory kit is 38mm (1 1/2) but by virtue of the clever multi-purpose cyclonic inlet design accessories from the 51mm (2) and 76mm (3) range can also be selected without machine variations (see Accessory catalogue).

Be it builders rubble, a chicken house or a textile mill, the NTD-2003 will give you good, reliable service.

Motor 2x 960W
Power 230V AC50 / 60Hz
Airflow 96L/sec
Suction 2400mm
Capacity 60L Cyclonic
Range 26.8m
Weight 33kg
Dimensions 560x660x1145mm
Colour Grey