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Numatic HB1812R Double Mop System

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Product Features:

  • 1 x Hi-Bak1812R 30L Bucket (ReFlo Black)
  • 1 x Dual Press (ReFlo Black)
  • 1 x Divider Plate (Colour matches handle selected)


The Hi-Bak is a super compact, truly professional dual-compartment mopping unit, with our unique parabolic separator allowing a generous 18L front clean water container and 12L dirty water section to the rear.

The 60%/40% split in container capacity is practical for larger areas to be cleaned before emptying and refilling is required.

For smaller applications the separator may be reversed, and the press placed in its lower mounting position, resulting in a truly compact system. If a single 30L bucket is required, the parabolic separator can be easily removed.

The Hi-Bak system is equipped with the Dual Press mop wringer, allowing use with the full range of Kentucky and Flat mopping systems, providing excellent performance and results. The tough construction provides rugged reliability, running on 75mm non-marking castors for excellent movement. Promote hygiene and prevent cross-contamination by colour-coding cleaning equipment for different areas with the range of colourful handles.

Engineered from the highest quality recycled material using environmentally sustainable ReFlo Technology, the Hi-Bak benefits from unique heavy-duty Structofoam construction, using co-polymer grade material, making it tough, chemical-resistant, easy to clean and built to last.

  • Built to Last
    Chemical-resistant, heavy-duty Structofoam construction for easy-clean design.
  • Sustainably Engineered
    Made from 87% high-quality recycled material using ReFlo Technology.
  • Prevents Contamination
    Parabolic separator keeps clean and dirty water separate.
  • Increase Productivity
    Dual Press mop wringer allows use of both Kentucky style and Flat mops.
  • Stay Cleaning for Longer
    Huge 30L capacity, less time emptying, more time cleaning.