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Numatic CT370-2 Carpet Extractor Vacuum Cleaner 15L

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Model: CT370-2

Standard with:
  • 32mm 1.9m Bayonet Hose c/w Cuffs
  • 32mm 3.0m CleanTec Extraction Hose
  • 32mm Stainless Steel Lower Nozzle Extraction Tube
  • 32mm Stainless Steel Extention Tube
  • 32mm Stainless Steel Extraction Trigger Tube Bend
  • Trigger Valve & Spray Tube
  • 32mm Combo Floor Tool (S/S Base)
  • 32mm 300mm Dual Scrub / Wet Pick-Up Nozzle
  • Clear Carpet Extraction Nozzle
  • 32mm 100mm Upholstery Extraction Nozzle
  • 32mm Double Taper Tool
  • 32mm Plastic Crevice Tool
  • 32mm Round Dust Brush - Soft
  • 32mm Upholstery Brush
  • 32mm Upholstery Bracket
  • Wet Float Assembly (Wet Filter) (CT370/470)
  • TriTex Filter

Compatible Filter Bag:

Numatic NVM-2BH Hepaflo Filter Bag (SOLD SEPARATELY)

There really is nothing quite so useful as a small, compact Cleantec machine that provides the combination of a powered liquid supply and efficient wet pick-up facility... all incorporated in one unit.

Mainly used in the cleaning of carpets and upholstery these machines can be equally effective on hard floors where there is a need for localized scrubbing and wet pick-up operation.

The power head is to the full TwinFlo specification ensuring excellent performance but, in addition, has incorporated as standard our Powerflo pump system and quick release fluid connector. The container system is to our unique tank within a tank design ensuring as compact a total package as possible.

Motor 1060W
Power 230V AC50 / 60Hz
Airflow 49L/sec
Suction 2500mm
Capacity 15L-Dry / 9L-Wet / 6L-Extraction
Range 26.8m
Weight 11.23kg
Dimensions 355x355x510mm
Colour Blue

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