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Microguard - Chlorine Disinfectant Cleaner (Box of 100 x 30g Sachets)

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Microguard is a SABS approved chlorine disinfectant cleaner that comes in a handy sachet for easy dispensing and usage control.

Features & Benefits

  • Microguard is a SABS approved chlorine disinfectant cleaner.
  • Microguard is convenient to use as it is in granular form and pre-measured in a 30g sachet for easy dosing.
  • The 30g sachet allows for controlled usage at commercial cleaning contracts.
  • Microguard is a mild alkaline that is effective on removing oil and fat dirt types.
  • Microguard is SABS 1853 certified which means that it is approved for use in the food industry.
  • Microguard allows for cleaning and disinfecting in one action.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • Microguard is predominantly used in kitchens on washable non-sensitive surfaces as well as to sterilize utensils.
  • Microguard has a whitening effect on some surfaces and textiles so care must be taken when using.
  • Above the floor surfaces: Damp wiping using a spray bottle application with microfiber cloth.
  • Floors: Wet mopping with a microfiber mop and bucket system.
  • Stainless Steel Utensil Soaking: Dispense 1 x 30g sachet into a basin and soak utensils for 20 minutes.
  • Microguard must be diluted with water to use - see side of container for instructions.