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KIMBERLY-CLARK SCOTT CONTROL Toilet Roll Centre Feed - 2 Ply (Pack of 12 Rolls) (Code 8591)

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A quality centrefeed toilet tissue for where workplace hygiene and contamination control is a priority. Scott Control centrefeed toilet roll offers dispensing of single toilet paper sheets, meaning you only touch the sheets you use, helping to maximise washroom hygiene whilst controlling usage, reducing waste and cutting unnecessary costs.

Our touch free dispensers reduce the risk of cross contamination. Each centrefeed toilet roll has 833 sheets and when loaded into the Scott Control mini twin centrefeed toilet tissue dispenser (product codes 7186 & 7187) offers 79% more metres than other centrefeed toilet tissue systems. Designed to last more than twice as long between refills and serving 254 more people than a typical twin roll mini jumbo toilet tissue system.