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KIMBERLY-CLARK SCOTT CONTROL Flushable Hand Towels - Interfolded / White / 1 Ply (15 Packs of 300) (Code 6659)

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  • Colour: White
  • Size: 215mm x 210mm
  • Quantity Case Content: 15 Packs of 300 Sheets
  • Item Code: 6659
  • 15 packs x 300 white, 1 ply sheets (4,500 total)
  • Fast dispersing, flushable hand towels, featuring Safe Flush Technology. ;Fast dispersing folded towels for when there is a risk of them being flushed.
  • Made with unique Airflex™ technology for superior absorbency, so you use less and waste less. A single ply towels with the absorbency of the a conventional 2-ply towel ;Made with Safe Flush Technology, ideal for use in areas where hand towels must be flushable. Unique Airflex™ Technology results in superior absorbency, so you use less and waste less.
  • FSC certified and carries the European Ecolabel;FSC and European Ecolabel certified for environmental assurance. Food contact certified.
  • Compatible with a variety of dispenser options: Aquarius™ Dispensers in white or black (product codes 6945 and 7171), a high capacity dispenser (code 9962) and a high image stainless steel dispenser (code 8971).;Compatible with Aquarius™ Folded Hand Towel Dispensers (6945 and 7171) and Kimberly-Clark Professional® Folded Hand Towel Dispensers (6692 and 8971).