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Inox Glo - Stainless Steel Polish and Protector 750ml

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Inox Glo is a liquid stainless-steel polish and protector.

Features & Benefits

  • Inox Glo is easy to apply with spray bottle and can be polished to a shine without rinsing.
  • Inox Glo can be used on stainless steel and well as other chrome type surfaces.
  • Inox Glo produces a high shine on stainless-steel surfaces with the use of a dry soft cloth.
  • Inox Glo leaves a protective layer on the surface and resists fingerprints being left.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • As Inox Glo is a polish, the metal surface should first be cleaned with a relevant cleaner, rinsed and dried before application.
  • Inox Glo can be sprayed directly onto the surface and a thin film spread over the entire surface of the furniture with a cloth.
  • The surface can then be polished to a high shine with a separate dry soft cloth.