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Brass Glo - Metal Cleaner and Polish 250ml

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Brass Glo is a liquid cleaner and polish for metal.

Features & Benefits

  • Brass Glo is designed to remove tarnish from brass, copper, chrome and stainless-steel metal surfaces.
  • Brass Glo contains ammonia which is effective at dissolving some organic dirt.
  • Brass Glo is a viscous opaque liquid.
  • Brass Glo is easy to apply with a cloth and can be wiped off without rinsing.
  • The abrasive action is extremely fine and can smooth scratches on some surfaces other than metal.
  • Brass Glo has a stable liquid consistency.
  • Brass Glo creates a high shine on surfaces.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • Brass Glo can be applied neat onto a cloth and then rubbed in a circular motion on the surface.
  • It should be then polished up by a clean dry cloth to a high shine, making sure not to leave residue on the surface.