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Black Fluid - Phenolic Waste Area and Drain Cleaner

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Black Fluid is an effecitve phenolic cleaner that is used in waste areas and drains to clean and sanitise.

Features & Benefits

  • The phenolic compound in Black Fluid is an effective disinfectant and is an alternative to a chlorine disinfectant.
  • Black Fluid is a strong alkaline product at 14 pH which allows for effective oil emulsifying. This in turn makes it an effective drain cleaner.
  • Drainage becomes faster and more efficient with regular usage of Black Fluid.
  • Regular drain cleaning extends the life of the drainage pipes and reduces leaks.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • Black Fluid can be applied with a spray bottle or mop and bucket method.
  • Mix Black Fluid at a 4% dilution.
  • Rinse surface thoroughly after application.