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Auto Glo - Wash & Wax for Vehicles

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Auto Glo is a wash and wax, dual-purpose cleaning product for vehicle exteriors.

Features & Benefits

  • Auto Glo contains both cleaning and protective wax ingredients that lifts dirt and leaves a surface shiny.
  • Auto Glo is pH neutral and is safe to use on any car surface.
  • Auto Glo is effective at softening road dirt when allowed sufficient contact time and leaves surfaces streak free when rinsed.

Usage Recommendations & Application

  • Auto Glo can be used in a foaming machine or manual application methods.
  • Auto Glo can be manually applied by mixing a 1% dilution in a bucket and applying with a cleaning pad or sponge.
  • Care should be taken to rinse loose dirt off the vehicle surface with water first.
  • After washing, the vehicle surfaces can be dried off with a chamois.