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Arcora Ecoblack 45 Double Bucket Mopping Unit with Side Storage Tray

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ARCORA's ECOBLACK TECHNOLOGY is made from recycled materials into strong and long-lasting plastic. Compared to the manufacturing of new and original materials, this technology saves a large amount of Co2. The ECOBLACK product range is mostly made of recycled materials from battery cases making them incredibly robust.

  • Black, recycled durable plastic frame
  • 4 smooth-running wheels, 360° rotatable
  • 2 separated 20 liter buckets in black with blue and red handles
  • Recycled plastic wringer in black
  • Side shelf for mop holder
  • Handle grip for leading the trolley, and holder for aluminum handle
  • With side storage tray
  • 710mm x 620mm x 950mm (with side storage tray fitted)
  • Gross weight: 10.00 kg
  • Net weight: 8.30 kg


Used for full damp mopping of floor surfaces with traditional fan mops or with microfibre flat mopping systems. Suitable for all sectors as a durable wet mopping solution.