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Arcora Blancus 40 Compact Scrubber Dryer (Battery)

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With the Blancus 40 floor scrubbing machine, the days of exhausting and time-consuming cleaning are over.

A compact, ergonomic floor scrubbing machine, which combines flexibility and mobility to ensure easier cleaning every day.

The compact scrubbing machine is the ideal mechanical alternative to mopping systems and can be used on all type of floor coverings. The combination of two rotating brushes or pads with the powerful suction motor ensures a dry and streak-free surface that can be walked on immediately.

  • Scrubbing and suction in one step
  • Perfect drying of the floor and can be walked on immediately
  • Cleaning of tight areas possible
  • Can be combined with various pads and brushes
  • Easily removable tanks
  • Easy handling thanks to the universal joint

 Power DC 36 V
Working width 42 cm
Absorbent width 44 cm
Working efficiency 700 sqm/h
Brush disc diameter / brushes 17.5 cm / 21 cm
Brush disc speed slow/fast 270/340 rpm
Brush plate motor 2 x 150 W
Brush pressure 11 kg
Suction motor 150 W
Vacuum degree 120 mbar
Turning radius 30 cm
Clean water tank capacity 2 L
Dirty water tank capacity 3.5 L
Noise level 63 dB
Battery pack 7.h Ah-36 V (Lithium)
Battery weight 2 kg
Total weight of the machine 16 kg
Gross weight including packaging 20 kg