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Clean Source

3M Brand Diamond Floor Pad

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3M Diamond Pad 

  • Polyester fibers, medium size, bonded with a soft resin to allow conformability to floors
  • Active layer on one side
  • Hard resin, including special minerals for polishing and cleaning stone floors such as marble or terrazzo
  • Differentiated by colour
  • Logos printed on the non-active side
  • Raise the look of floors in large areas. Clean with a Scrubber / Dryer and at the same time, enhance the appearance of the floor
  • Use under Standard Speed Single Disc Rotary, to develop the shine of the floor in wet application, followed by buffing in dry conditions. This will enhance the gloss finish of the floor
  • No additional labour cost for increasing floor appearance
  • Simple, easy operation for the cleaning operator
  • 406mm Pad - For use with 400mm Pad Drive
  • 432mm Pad - For use with 425mm Pad Drive